Lava Monster continuously delivers digital products & experiences to address our client’s challenges and jobs to be done.


Nike+ Fuelband ios app

Nike's FuelBand mobile app enabled users to connect effortlessly to the FuelBand on their wrist (via BLE), configure its functions, synchronize data to the Nike+ platform, see a breakdown of their activity, see daily activity goals, earn and unlock achievements, connect with friends, and engage in competitions and experience motivational moments through activity posts and interaction in the app’s social feed.

“I worked directly with fellow creatives & engineers at Nike, and their partners at Apple, Synapse, and R/GA, on Nike’s innovative Nike+ FuelBand application.” - Todd Hopkinson, Lava MonsteR Labs

The FuelBand mobile application earned many million active users and had a consistent 4.5/5 star rating on the Apple App Store.



We developed a software solution and user-experience designed to streamline the process of getting pain medication to patients faster. Lava Monster Labs worked with it’s client in Scottsdale Arizona to design, develop, integrate, and deploy a secure patient-centric iPad-based iOS application designed to enable suffering patients and their medical practitioners to swiftly and easily navigate the drug-application process, eliminating paperwork, process-bottlenecks, and time-wasting validation and submission errors.


Medical Supplies cross reference mobile apps

Lava Monster Labs developed iOS and Android applications to enable the client’s product specialists to easy lookup products and information via SKU codes from across the competitive marketplace.