What is Lava Monster?

Lava Monster Labs' value to clients is the imaginative application of art, science, and technology to create outstanding digital products. A Lava Monster is the creature from the imaginitive childhood game where the ground is lava. We agree with Picasso who said that "every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he/she grows up." And we believe in combining imagination and engineering in crafting experiences and creating products that solve a “job to be done” for our clients and users. Since the world is now an "experience economy," we operate understanding that the greatest opportunity to create value lies in developing well-crafted products and services that incorporate staged experiences (experience design) designed toward a job (or jobs) to be done (job’s theory).

Where is Lava Monster Labs?

Lava Monster Labs is located in Arizona, not far from Tempe (ASU), Scottsdale, Mesa, Gilbert, Chandler areas, part of the greater Phoenix metropolitan area. Get in touch at 480-236-3651.