Hopkinson's Law

Hopkinson's law is a counterpart to Ohm's law used in magnetic circuits. The law is named after the British electrical engineer, John Hopkinson. It states that[1][2]\mathcal{F}=\phi \mathcal{R}_m,where \scriptstyle \mathcal{F} is the magnetomotive force (MMF) across a magnetic element, \phi is the magnetic flux through the magnetic element, and \scriptstyle \mathcal{R}_m is the magnetic reluctance of that element.
Here's where I pretend I truly understand what this means. But I really posted this because I share a surname with the law's discoverer and I like the ring of it - Hopkinson's Law. Although, what if I too discover my own scientific law by some curious turn of events? What will mine be called?
Todd Hopkinson