WWDC 2012 Day One

iOS 6 looks amazing. OSX is a consistently satisfying update. The new MacBook Pro with Retina was a nice surprise and it looks very cool... (but I still prefer the MacBook Air's form factor). I dropped by the Apple store for hands on and they said tomorrow morning they'd have it.

The new Maps app looks stunningly good. Google suddenly has to go change its pants. Apple's Maps App surpasses any other map solution I've ever seen, and I used to work for Garmin. They've integrated Siri into the Maps app with turn-by-turn navigation. If it works in practice as well as it demoed, everyone will be thrilled with it - oh, except for Google.

Of particular interest to me is Passbook and the PassKit API. I think this meets some of the criteria for number 7 on my list - the iWallet. The name is different, but I think it is clear that this, or an iteration or two beyond this, is Apple's wallet, integrated right into iOS.

I'm pleased with the following Xcode improvements (Xcode 4.5):
- the compiler will now automatically call @synthesize by default for unimplemented @properties
- Objective-C literals for things like NSArray and NSDictionary
- subscripting support for Objective-C container objects
Todd Hopkinson