Forecasting The WWDC 2012 Keynote

This year I'll be attending WWDC, so I think it will be fun to forecast what I suspect will happen.

So, here goes my forecast for the keynote...

Probable news at WWDC 2012:

1. iTV - Apple reveals a 32, 46, and 55 inch (I pulled these numbers out of thin air) flat panel television running a version of iOS, along with an App store that will allow users to download and run their iPhone and iPad apps in a specialty-render mode (the same way iPhone apps run on iPads), and will run iTV apps at the new native scale. It will begin selling this year in time for the holiday season, $999 and up. They will introduce a couple key Apple-made apps showing off some of their vision for the iTV. The resolution will be 1080p+.

2. iOS 6 - including Siri API, and Apple Maps API, and Facebook integration (akin to Twitter's).

3. The New iPhone will feature a new form factor that looks similar, but is longer and thinner. I believe the resolution will remain retina, at the new dimension, so icons and control graphics will not require developers to do much different in regards to graphics. They will continue to create retina images @2x scale. I do not see something like @3x images right now.

Plausible news at WWDC 2012:

4. iTV with Siri voice control (talk to the TV (or your remote device) to control it)

5. iTV runs iOS interface from the user's perspective, but behind the scenes it is a powerhouse hybrid of iOS and OSX and comes with the Steam App Store that lets you purchase and run full OSX games on the iTV, just like a console - control the games with any iOS device. The 3rd party game controller market goes berserk. Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony collectively soil themselves June 11th.

6. Thunderbolt everywhere. Apple replace the 30 pin connector on iOS devices with the thunderbolt connector.

8. Enhanced speakers on iOS devices (This could be in the next version of the iPad, if not in the new iPhone at this WWDC).
Todd Hopkinson