IDEO's Tech Box

All major IDEO offices maintain a duplicate Tech Box, each with its own curator who oversees the addition of new materials. 
My favorite IDEO innovation is their own in-house innovation tool called the Tech Box.
Each Tech Box has several drawers holding hundreds of objects, from smart fabrics to elegant mechanisms to clever toys, each of which are tagged and numbered. Designers and engineers can rummage through the compartments, play with the items, and apply materials used by other designers and engineers within the company to their current project. - IDEO
In my own somewhat sporadic, long-term effort, I've been building up my own Tech Box, looking forward to a concrete opportunity to invest the time and money into a full fledged IDEO-style Tech Box completely loaded with all the goodies on my wish lists from places like Inventables, Sparkfun, and MakerShed. My problem would be keeping the size of the Tech Box in check, as I can see myself adding in everything from MEM micro motors, to big blocks of transparent bricks, panes of switchable glass, and... I'm going to need a big box.
Todd Hopkinson