Inventables: The Innovator's Ice Cream Sampler Buffet

It took me about 3 minutes to add over $1000 to my shopping cart. Despite the urgent desire to push "Proceed To Checkout" to get myself some squishy gel magnets, translucent metal foil, or talking tape, I canceled the order. But one day. Some day...

But until I garner the courage for such a purchase, I'm considering spreading my Inventables taste-testing over a larger span of time. Maybe I'll just pick up a hand-moldable plastic sample here and a permanent switchable magnet there.

But to provoke the cravings of a madman, the Inventables website provides a tantalizing product catalog searchable by properties (like abosrbent, magnetic, liquid, crushable, elastic, heating, etc) or by ingredients (flavors, fragrance, inks, soaps), or by fastener types, or coating types, or electrical types, etc.

Inventables calls itself the "innovator's hardware store", but to me it's more like a big ice-cream shop where you can sample all the flavors (for a small-scale fee) by the spoonful before you decide to commit to the quadruple-stack cone.

I love it!
Todd Hopkinson