iMovie Will Change The Way Movies Get Made

iMovie for iOS 4 delivers a streamlined method to capture and edit video anywhere, anytime

I have a hunch. I predict that iMovie - Apple's new iOS software for the iPad 2, iPhone 4, and iPod 4 - will have a game-changing impact affecting yet-to-be-made big budget films that will come to theaters. While I predict that we'll see at least one low-budget quality independent movie filmed and edited entirely on iOS devices, this is not what I'm talking about.

I predict that the film industry, as well as every burgeoning young film student, will be using iOS devices as essential tools in their process, including and especially conceptualizing and designing scenes in real-time with on-the-spot previz exercises; Real-time exploration of their vision and ideas; Experimentation at any place and any time. I think that imaginary camera lens that directors make with their fingers will be replaced by the iPad 2 overnight. And now they'll play with that formerly-imaginary clip right there on the spot, in the same breath, instantaneously. Anyone care to bet this doesn't happen?

With the combination of iMovie and an iPod, iPhone, or iPad 2, the factors that stood as barriers of entry to easy and instant moviemaking exploration are really absolutely gone. This is momentous.

I'm predicting that in a short amount of time, what we see in many movie screens will have been conceptualized, visualized, imagined, and experimented with on an iOS device before it was ever actually shot on film.

I'm also predicting that iMovie will be so significant to the pro and indy Film/TV industries (as well as students and hobbyists) that a category will eventually be created on the App Store for Moviemaking tools, because apps targeting this industry are going to boom; apps will be made to improve and support every aspect of the production process, all because of iMovie.

I'm no Charlie Sheen, but I know some little bit about the film industry. I don't know the music industry nearly as well, but I also happen to have the same hunch about GargageBand and the effect it will have on the music industry. That is because these tools are creative incubators; They are content laboratories.

These tools are going removing the barriers to entry in these fields, which will increase the amount of creation that goes on, and hopefully, the amount of quality-based competition resulting from that will produce higher quality, innovative content, and more interesting ideas will see daylight than ever before.

This is going to be really amazing.
Todd Hopkinson