Imagineering The Home

The Disneyland Railway was inaugurated on July 17, 1955. The live steam railway was constructed for $240,000; each of the original two locomotives cost $40,000. (source: wikipedia)

I wonder if Disneyland would be Disneyland without the Disneyland Railroad. The train is a defining factor that makes the place magical. The railroad encompasses the park and is infused with that famous imagineering spirit. That same imagineering spirit embodied in Disney's unforgettable locomotives and railroad is also chugging around a few homes on living room ledge railroads and outdoor home garden railroads.

I think running the tracks through the living room might be pushing the boundaries of good taste. It'd probably  take some ingenious chops to to make that move work without getting tackied-up. I can see perhaps going through a play room, or through a loft and some kids rooms. 

The line between tacky and wonderful can be dangerously thin with a creative backyard endeavor like this. I think committing to go all the way is key. Perhaps intensely studying Walt Disney and park projects and his attention to detail could provide added safeguard against ending up with a tacky-flavored project. This example is a pretty good one (except for the above ground pool in some of the photos, that kills it and screams taste-lapse).

Todd Hopkinson