Robotics Developer Studio

Microsoft's RDS lets you design, simulate, and program robots using C#. RDS has built-in direct support for iRobot's Create or LEGO's NXT, as well as other robotic platforms.

RDS Simulator lets you prototype new robot designs enabling you to rapidly change and refine your design, then test straight away in the simulation.

To make the most of your experience with RDS, you'll want:

1. iRobot Create or LEGO NXT
2. RDS installed on a windows machine (RDS is a free download from Microsoft)
3. XBox 360 controller
4. A child (one or more) to justify (to self and wife) that your expensive toys are ultimately "for the benefit of the children"
5. Ability to let the children actually get involved and do more than just watch you play with "their toys"

RDS also comes with sample code packages, such as a Sumo bot sompetition/simulation (designed for iRobot) and a Soccer bot competition/simulation.

I think I know what we're doing for family night tonight...

"It's for the kids!"
Todd Hopkinson