Git Nugget - Ignoring Files

When you have files or directories you would prefer git not to track:

1. Create a .gitignore file
2. Add the name of the file or directory you want to ignore, one per line
3. If you don't want git to track the .gitignore file, you'll add a line to the .gitignore file referencing itself. It will no longer be tracked.


git status
output: you might see an untracked file or dir you don't want to follow, such as bin/

vim .gitignore
add following line: bin/

git status
output: this time you'll no longer see bin listed as untracked, but you will see .gitignore now until you either start tracking it (git add whateverfilename), or else include .gitignore on a line of the .gitignore file itself

vim .gitignore
add the line .gitignore

git status
output: no pesky unnecessary untracked files!

Git for the lazy
Todd Hopkinson