Firepower at Apple Store in Scottsdale

Tonight I stopped by the Apple Store, Scottsdale Quarter, to demo Firepower along with other developers of the Phoenix iPhone Developer Group.

I still have a lot in store for firepower, and am excited to see people's reaction, but even in its current phase, it still generates a pretty exciting reaction when showing to a group.

I am dismayed by the lack of readily available hassle-free demo technology at the Apple Stores. This is the second app demo night I've been to, and each time, the setup includes a video camera set in a tripod standing over your iPhone. Imagine struggling to mess with a live camera, tangles of cords, and run your own iPhone app, while orienting the iPhone properly under the tripod, and controlling everything without getting your fat hands in the way of the camera lens, all while trying to speak to an audience and assemble coherent speech. Obviously, there's a much better way. Apparently, it just isn't readily available at Apple Stores yet. It would have also been nice to have the large flat panel Genius displays above the Genius bar showing the camera feed, but they were not available to us.

Overall, the event was positive for me, because people seemed to really get a kick out of Firepower. I also demoed Particle Toy. I didn't have fully implemented the feature for exporting a Particle Set from Particle Toy to Firepower, so I just had to talk to it and promise it would be cool.
Todd Hopkinson