Installing OSX on a Dell Mini 10v

The good news is that you can install OSX on your netbook. That bad news is that this first statement is only true if you have the right netbook. It appears that the Dell Mini 10v can run OSX, but this is not so for the unlucky 10 (without the v).  This caused me a little consternation earlier in the day as I had nothing on my netbook to indicate it was the 10v, and it began to dawn on me that I might not be able to install OSX afterall. Alas, google and a quick look at the processor and graphics card relieved my mind and revealed that indeed I did get the right netbook afterall.

The following resources and tips are valuable:

If you have a Dell Mini 10V, it likely comes with BIOS A06. This will cause Kernel Panics at the point where you are installing OSX, therefore, you'll need to downgrade your BIOS to A04. This procedure consists of getting from dell the A04 bios download, and then creating a DOS bootable USB key, easily accomplished by following these steps.

Once you have your dos bootable usb key, with the a04 bios download (rename the funkily-named exe as something like usbupd.exe), you will insert the usb key into the netbook and boot to it - a DOS prompt should appear.

Type "usbupd.exe /forceit /forcetype" (w/o quotes). The downgrade will commence in all its garrish DOS elegance, topped off with delicious beep sounds in accompaniment.

See here, here, and here for any details I left out.

At this point, you are ready to install, but since the netbook has no DVD slot, you'll be using an 8 gig usb thumbdrive with the OSX install disk copied to it. Of course, you must also own an OSX install disk. Pick one up at Apple for $25. Follow these instructions, it will take around 2 hours.
Todd Hopkinson