Painlessly Installing Windows 7 On A Netbook

The easiest way to get Windows 7 onto your netbook is to put the Windows 7 .iso (the install disk image) on a USB thumbdrive (at least 4 gigs) and then boot your netbook from it (change the boot order right before bootup - usually by pressing f2 or f10 during the bios loading).

To ease your pain Microsoft created a tool to format and load the .iso onto your usb for you (note: you must already have possession the .iso, i.e., the downloaded install disk image (either from your disk, or downloaded from Microsoft) for windows 7.

Another tool that may come in handy if you have a flash drive with U3-ware on it U3's uninstall tool (check and see if it isn't already on your USB stick.)
Todd Hopkinson