Firepower Featured At

got press in Wired Magazine's Gadget Lab, yesterday. suggested Firepower be given a new category on the App Store - "Augmented Stupidity", and I couldn't be more thrilled! (Well, OK, I would have been a little more thrilled had they suggested "Augmented Awesomeness" as a special category just for my app.
You can't spend too much time and energy trying to please everyone. Obviously, Firepower is designed for a specific group of users - red-blooded testosterone-imbued males.'s story nailed it when it described Firepower as "kind of like playing Doom on your iPhone with real life as your surroundings: You point your camera at your target and tap the “Fire” button to shoot bullets while painting the screen with virtual blood."

The first email I received notifying me of the article at, simply stated, "Just saw the Wired story on your Firepower app.  Love it! "

Call it "Augmented Stupidity" all you want. Just go and get it already, and then tell all your friends too!