iVomit Mobile iPhone App

Announcing the release of iVomit Mobile:


We just threw up in our mouths and so can you with iVomit Mobile for the iPhone and iPod Touch!

iVomit is the vomit app to end all vomit apps! iVomit moves the iFart and Pull My Finger genre to new heights - literally - all the way to the classy heights of barf, spew, chunks, and projectile vomit. Classy indeed.

Try not to hurl in anxious anticipation as we whet your appetite with a few choice selections from iVomit - your favorite new Digital Sound Machine and entertainment system:

- Corn Chowder
- I Threw up in my mouth
- Chunder
- Half-Gallon Chunks
- Pukethroat
- and many more!!

Just remember, when things get messy, just shake your device to clean it off.
Todd Hopkinson