Swift + SwiftUI: That Which We Can Do Together…

WWDC 2014: Write the code. Change the world. Apple reveals Swift.
WWDC 2019: Write code. Blow minds. Apple reveals SwiftUI.

Swift was introduced in a world where Apple developers lived and breathed Objective-c. It did blow our minds, but mainly because no one expected it. It came out of nowhere. How did we change the world with Swift? Or maybe the right question is how did Swift change our world as developers?

Unlike Swift’s sudden arrival, SwiftUI was somewhat expected. Rumors had been circulating so its reveal didn’t really blow our minds. SwiftUI may end up changing our world as developers more than Swift - in the way iOS and Mac development teams are composed and work together. And dare I wonder if SwiftUI will eventually cause a “world-changing” shift with web and Android teams too?

Imagine popular design tools (Sketch, etc) enabling their code-exporting feature to output full SwiftUI for designers to send to the developers to utilize in their programming efforts. A huge swath of work can be reduced to essential parts, eliminating virtually all redundant overlap between the designers and programmers, allowing each member to focus on their particular strengths.

Streamlined collaboration - enhanced by SwiftUI in the workflow pipeline - will magnify the value we can derive from our efforts. We’ll be able to do so much more with less. Benjamin Franklin said, “That which we can do together exceeds that which we can do alone.” SwiftUI is going to play a big part in the coming mobile development world.

Todd Hopkinson