Commandment #4: Create A Wienie

I'm convinced that "Mickey's Ten Commandments" are universally applicable to all staged experiences. Marty Sklar's One Little Spark offers an insight into Walt's term for "visual targets that lead visitors clearly and logically through an experience."

"Years ago, when the first exhibition of treasures form the tomb of Egypt's King Tut first traveled to American museums, the staff at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art asked John Hench to review their layout for the exhibit. According to Hench, they had placed one of the exhibit's true treasures, the boy king's exquisite golden mask, at the very beginning of the exhibition. John told me he immediately saw its location as a showstopper that would impede movement into the exhibition; so he moved it to the very end of the show--making it the visual wienie that helped move the audience into and through the presentation."

-- One Little Spark, pg. 35

Todd Hopkinson