Apple's Pre-WWDC News

News from Apple leadership out prior to WWDC next week because, according to John Gruber (Daring Fireball), Phil Schiller told him, "We've got a bunch of App Store/developer-related announcements for WWDC next week, but frankly, we've got a busy enough keynote that we decided we're not going to cover those in the keynote."

The news shared so far:

- App Review process overhaul (most apps approved in 24 hours to 48 hours)
- App subscription model being added
- Ads being added to the App Store search results
- Enhanced share and search functionality to the App Store
- macOS is the new name for the operating system formerly known as OS X. (This appears to be an unintentional leak from some text spotted on the apple developer site)

Daring Fireball, LoopInsider, and all the other Apple/Tech community sites

Todd Hopkinson