Apple VS Big Brother

Apple has taken a public stand against the FBI's demand for a backdoor tool to circumvent the encryption which protects our data from friend and foe alike.


This isn't a hard scenario to see through to its natural conclusion.

Say the tool gets created. The tool is a digital file that will live on a computer system run by the government - the same institution whose agencies are constantly being broken into and plundered (just google 'government hack' for a rude awakening). It must be understood that if the tool is created, it will get into the hands of our enemies, at home and abroad.

Providing a backdoor is so shortsighted that it appears insidious - a mess of pottage in exchange for a birthright.

John Adam's warned:

There is danger from all men. The only maxim of a free government ought to be to trust no man living with power to endanger the public liberty.
— John Adams, Notes for an oration at Braintree, Spring 1772

Apple's world famous Super Bowl commercial from 1984 becomes a prescient symbol for the currently unfolding drama. The protagonist is once again Apple, only this time Big Brother is literally a governmental entity striving for Orwellian powers.

"But this is for a good purpose, the phone belongs to a known terrorist!" So what? The good intent of a purpose means nothing if the actual consequence is evil.

John Adam's reminds us, “Power always thinks it has a great soul and vast views beyond the comprehension of the weak; and that it is doing God’s service when it is violating all his laws.”

Thank goodness that Apple still considers itself a uniquely American company. So do I, and in my view they are proving it now.

Update: Apple, please RE-RELEASE the 1984 ad!

If I was Apple I would re-air the famous 1984 commercial, replacing the ending title card teasing the Macintosh with an updated clip. Alternatively, I would shoot a narrative sequal to the 1984 commercial. No, not the Lemmings flop that Apple actually did at one point, but the actual story sequal. What happened to the hero? What happened to Big Brother? Show us why the future won't be 1984 again... or perhaps show us how what is happening now is in fact the prequel to the 1984 ad.

Todd Hopkinson