Pure Speculation: Suspect News About Apple

My healthy skepticism of "insider" news stories was validated and increased during my time at Nike. While there, I watched writers invent stories that were nothing more than lazy speculation, and I knew it based on my own direct knowledge of the actual matter - the product I worked on (FuelBand) and the people I worked with (FuelBand teams.)

I’ve long suspected and observed the same tendency with news media in general. And especially with Apple-related news stories it seems the amount of bad journalism is astounding.

Take this story from Financial Times today on how the departure from Apple of Yoky Matsuoka is "a blow to Tim Cook." What?! No evident source, even unnamed, substantiates the stupid byline. No substance. Pure clickbait. You don't have to be inside Apple to know what this is when you see it - bad reporting that reeks of speculative desperation. Publications should categorize this stuff under a section called Stupid-Lazy Speculation.

Todd Hopkinson