hello again... macintosh?

No. I don’t think that’s what’s happening. Tomorrow's hello again mystery will be revealed around 10am. The title seems to hint at the  original Macintosh ‘hello' ad from 1984, or perhaps back to 'say hello to iMac’ ad from 1998.

A certainty is the new MacBook Pro will be introduced. Anyone making a living using this tool has been looking forward to this for years. The touch strip is a sure bet. What about processor and battery power?

Many wonder if Apple will update the Mac Pro - that black garbage-can-looking computer. Frankly, this bad boy had two things working against it for me - despite the awesome concept of being a mac made in America. First, its price range was relatively high. Second, it looks just like the garbage can I owned at the same time it was announced.

Is hello again a reintroduction of the iMac. Is the iMac now touch screen and stylus ready? Is there a fancy zero-gravity hinge now? Microsoft has certainly upped their game and obviously aimed (this would have been planned years ago) right at the Pro users - and based on their Surface Studio, it might just work depending on what Apple unveils - or not - tomorrow.

How about machines that the VR hardware folks can target? I blame Facebook's purchase of oculus rift for this more than anything. Boo Facebook. But will Apple deliver on this front - the horsepower to compete with PCs again?

I can’t help but wonder if the 'hello again’ theme is actually much about Apple TV? Will the Apple TV just be renamed to the mac? There is no ‘mac' currently. But this doesn’t sit right for me - the Apple TV is certainly not the macintosh’s spiritual offspring in any sense is it? The only way it could be is if it got a voice, and perhaps some eyes and moved around - sorta like Wall-E. Wall-E was a mac, you know. But the TV isn’t, is it?

But, there does seem to be the possibility that under the shade of the ‘hello again’ umbrella is a full refresh of all the mac machines. All the desktop/table/lap/surfacetop devices - we meet them all again.

I wonder if the Siri Remote will be redesigned?

Will there be a culling of the MacBook air? A refresh of all the laptop lines into a streamlined culled set of simply MacBook and MacBook Pro. Will the pro take on the form factor of the air? Will there be new colors? New materials? Screenshot leaks don’t seem to indicate this - but then again, these could have been planted images to achieve a particular expectation and reaction.

Will any of the macOS machines include touch screen capability and stylus capabilities?

And… how am I going to hasten contextual assistance in Xcode without my escape key?!!! (MacBook Pro leaked images appear to show missing esc)

What is the Hello Again really all about tomorrow? Is Apple just toying around with its heritage for some trivial ad word play. Or is the gravity implied really merited & congruent with the substance of the event to which ‘hello again’ supposedly alludes?

That introduction - that ‘hello' - we all saw in 1984 with the introduction of the Macintosh was only a seed. What’s come from it is worth every ounce of anticipation we have. This is especially true for all those who make a living utilizing these marvelous creative machines - these macs, which many of us look forward to welcoming into our lives yet again.

Todd Hopkinson